The most trusted painters in Chennai!

VNR are premier painters in Chennai offering comprehensive paintingservices. Be it residential or commercial or even complex business locations, we are a ready hand with our energetic, professional and intelligent approach.
As painters with vast experience, we bring a systematic approach. We visit sites beforehand to get an idea of the nature of the operations and plan suitably. This will ensure minimal disruption to your work or operations and also empower you to plan your relocation perfectly.
All equipment is handled with care and our professionals pack and move to perfection!
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The final price will be decided on inspection.

Scope Of Work :

1. Crack Filling will be done
2. Covering up of furniture and other house hold items before painting or cleaning.
3. General Doors and Windows, Ceilings and lafts price will be decided only on inspection and they do not adhere to below charges
4. 1 coat of Primer is included for Royal Family alone
5. Severe seepage issue are not part of the painting
6. Painting procedure starts with 1 round of touch up putty and 1 coat major painting and 2 nd coat touch up with roller finish,touch up with roller finish and minor cracks will be covered.

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